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Coronavirus, what are the conditions of access to trains

1- Wearing a mask is mandatory for everyone.

It is mandatory to wear a mask during the whole trip at stations and on board. Travelers must bring their own mask. If you do not have it, you can buy it at or near stations. Passengers not wearing a mask will be denied boarding.

2- In Italy, travel may be limited.

In accordance with the Italian government decree of 7/08/2020, of 21/10/2020, of 13/10/2020 and of 04/12/2020. Travel on Italian territory is strictly regulated. Restrictions are applied and formalities must be respected. 

  • You must
    • submit this form duly completed to the onboard staff before entering and leaving the Italian territory. 
    • present a negative result in the molecular (PCR) or in the antigenic test done less than 48 hours prior the entry on the territory,
  • A temperature control will be set up from Nice train station for all people traveling in Italy. Access to the train will be refused if the passenger’s temperature exceeds 37.5 ° C. For people traveling from Monaco or Menton, the temperature will be checked on board the train. If the temperature exceeds 37.5 ° C, passengers will be invited to get off the train at the next station.

Passengers who do not meet all these conditions may be refused access to the train.

In addition, more measures have been in place for the period from December 21 to January 6, 2021:

  • travelers from who have stayed in France between December 21,2020 and January 6,2021, traveling in Italy will be subject to a fortnight on site, even if they have a test with a negative result.

3- In France too, travel may be limited.

Restrictions may apply and formalities may be necessary. We invite you to visit your country Ministry of Foreign Affairs website to check its instruction of International Travel and to visit your country Embassy in France website.

For all the information on the conditions for traveling to France and entering the country, consult the website of the French Ministry of the Interior.

For all information on the situation in France, visit the dedicated site:

4- To ensure compliance with regulatory and health measures, checks will be carried out on access to the station and the train.

Compliance with regulatory and health measures imposed by the crisis can lengthen the boarding procedures. We invite you to come to the station no later than 40 minutes before departure.

Coronavirus, what are the health measures on board

1- To facilitate physical distancing on board Thello trains: a chessboard placement

Henceforth, only one seat out of two can be occupied in a chessboard arrangement. A marking indicates the seats which must not be occupied.

2- To wash your hands regularly: provision of hand sanitizer

So that you can wash your hands regularly and as soon as you need it, hand sanitizer is available on board.

3- To welcome you safely: strict health precautions on board

Our onboard staff wear masks and gloves and strive to respect “barrier gestures”.

In addition, our trains are disinfected with specific products before each departure from the terminal (Nice and Milan).

My reservation

When can I buy a ticket ?

For more information about the sales opening, please consult our dedicated page.

I made a reservation but received no confirmation, what happened?

After confirming your payment, you should receive two confirmation emails:

  • payment confirmation
  • booking confirmation with the PNR.

What is a PNR?

The PNR is the 6 characters reference of your booking.

Reservations made on are ticketless, you do not need a ticket to board the train. Simply provide your PNR as well as your car and seat number to the Thello crew on board to justify your booking. All this information is indicated on the email confirmation you received after booking.

Thus there is no ticket to be retrieved at the station.

For the record, please print the confirmation email that was sent to your email address when booking. It contains all the important information regarding your trip.

My journey

Am I in the same compartment as my traveling companions?

The berth numbers are following each other but not always in the same compartment or cabin. To find out if you are in the same compartment or the same cabin as your traveling companions, take a look at the layout here.

Be careful to select the layout relative to the chosen class comfort: 6 couchettes compartment, 4 couchettes compartment or bed cabins.

The cabins can accommodate up to three passengers. If you chose a 1 or 2 beds cabin for one or two persons, you have the same cabin for your exclusive use.

Can my pet travel with me?

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How much luggage am I allowed to carry with me?

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Can I take on board my bicycle, my surfboard, skid... ?

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