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Follow the traffic situation of Thello trains for your trips between France and Italy, find all the information you need in order to ask for the refund of your ticket during the Coronavirus (Covid19) health crisis.

Check the conditions of access to Thello trains and the sanitary measures taken by the company to resume traffic.

For information on the Paris-Venice night train

For information on the Marseille-Nice-Milan line

Night train Paris-Venice

Traffic suspended

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus health crisis, the safety of our travellers has been our priority.
Unable to date guarantee in our night train the strict compliance of the Covid19 protective measure, and thus ensure a safe trip, all the night trains Paris -Venice, in both directions, are cancelled.

To receive a full refund of your Thello train ticket booked for these dates, please fill in the form available here. If you have booked a round trip, you can cancel both legs, please specify it in your request. No refund will be issued by Thello boutiques.

Day train Marseille-Nice-Milan

From June 4, 2020: gradual resumption of traffic 

On June 4, 2020, we have gradually resumed the circulation of trains between Nice and Milan with 2 daily frequencies in both directions. Traffic between Marseille and Nice will resume later.

These trains will run normally:

  • 139/140 : Nice > Milan
  • 147/148 : Nice > Milan
  • 141/142 : Milan > Nice
  • 159/160 : Milan > Nice

These trains are cancelled:

  • 145/146 : Marseille > Nice > Milan
  • 143-144 : Milan > Nice > Marseille


As part of the fight against the spread of the coronavirus, the French and Italian governments impose regulations on travel and sanitary measures in public transport.

Wearing a mask is mandatory for everyone.

It is mandatory to wear a mask during the whole trip at stations and on board. Travelers must bring their own mask. If you do not have it, you can buy it at or near stations. Passengers not wearing a mask will be denied boarding.


 In Italy, travel may be limited.

Travel on Italian territory is strictly regulated. Restrictions are applied and formalities must be respected. 

  • In accordance with the provisions of the new ordinance of the Italian government of September 21, 2020, anyone who has stayed in certain French regions, as the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, in the last 14 days must present a negative result in the molecular (PCR) or in the antigenic test done less than 72 hours prior the entry on the territory, or undergo an on-site test when arriving in Italy at a local health authority, within 48 hours.
  • In all cases, it is imperative to report your arrival to the regional health authority. Consult the list of regional health authorities.
  • And to present the downloadable declaration here. In accordance with the provisions of article 5 of the Italian government decree of 7/08/2020, you must submit this form duly completed to the onboard staff before entering and leaving the Italian territory. Passengers who do not have the necessary documents for their journey may be refused access to the train.

 The situation is changing rapidly, we invite you to follow the evolution of the instructions of the Italian governments, of the local authorities, the Italian Ministry of Health, to inform yourself calling the Italian free number 1500 and consult the FAQs on the website of the French Embassy in Italy, on the website of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and on the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Italian).

Information on the conditions for entering Italian territory from France is available on the website of the Italian consulate in Paris.



In France too, travel may be limited.

Restrictions may apply and formalities may be necessary. We invite you to visit your country Ministry of Foreign Affairs website to check its instruction of International Travel and to visit your country Embassy in France website.

For all the information on the conditions for traveling to France and entering the country, consult the website of the French Ministry of the Interior.

For all information on the situation in France, visit the dedicated site:


To ensure compliance with regulatory and health measures, checks will be carried out on access to the station and the train.

Compliance with regulatory and health measures imposed by the crisis can lengthen the boarding procedures. We invite you to come to the station no later than 40 minutes before departure.


Sales ticket on board is now only available on the French territory between Nice and Menton.

Sales ticket on board is now only available on the French territory between Nice and Menton. Payment can only be made by credit card.

Therefore, you must purchase a ticket before you get on board. You can buy your tickets on this website, in Trenitalia station ticket offices or in Trenitalia travel agencies, in our Nice Thiers Boutique, or at a Thello self-service kiosk available at Nice Ville or Monaco station. The full list of our points of sale is available here.


To allow you to travel quietly and with respect of the Covid19 protective measures and physical distancing measures, Thello implements a series of measures on board its trains.

Even by train, we can respect Covid19 protective measures and limit the spread of the virus!


To facilitate physical distancing on board Thello trains: a chessboard placement

In order to allow you to comply with the rules for physical distance on board our trains, we have modified our policy for allocating seats.

Henceforth, only one seat out of two can be occupied in a chessboard arrangement. A marking indicates the seats which must not be occupied.

Chessboard placement in a second-class coach

You will have no one next to you, in front of or behind you. In particular, in the seats side by side, you will not have a neighbour. And in the squares, two passengers will be placed diagonally.

This rule applies to all passengers, including your traveling companions.

When booking, the system will automatically allocate seats in a checkerboard arrangement. If you have decided to choose your seats using the Seatmap, you will only be able to select the available seats identified in green.

For the health of all, we thank you for strictly respecting the seats which have been allocated to you.

Passengers with a subscription without reservation are invited to occupy the available places not indicated by the marking to comply with this chessboard arrangement and the rules of physical distance.


To wash your hands regularly: provision of hand sanitizer

So that you can wash your hands regularly and as soon as you need it, hand sanitizer is available on board.


To welcome you safely: strict health precautions on board

Our onboard staff wear masks and gloves and strive to respect “barrier gestures”.

In addition, our trains are disinfected with specific products before each departure from the terminal (Nice and Milan).

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