Feminists of Paris

Alternative tours of Paris with Feminists of Paris!

Feminists of Paris allows you to rediscover Paris with a feminine point of view! Retrace Parisian history, culture and art and discuss feminism with expert guides.

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Discover the tours organized by Feminists of Paris

Street Art & Feminism (13th arrondissement): With Feminists of Paris follow the footsteps of feminism through the streets of the village district of Butte aux-Cailles, the Mecca of feminist street art. You will discover the history of the neighborhood, the movement for gender equality et the stories of women artists and / or feminist artists in a friendly atmosphere of exchanges and debates.

Louvre & Feminism: Feminists of Paris invites you to the Louvre Museum for an unusual feminist visit. You will rediscover key works of this cultural temple, through the prism of feminist. From the Victory of Samothrace to the Virgin Mary, you will retrace the history of gender equality and of iconic women, and discuss the place of the “second sex” in the world of art in a friendly atmosphere.

Matrimony & Feminism (4th arrondissement): From the city theater (Theatre du Chatelet) to the Marais district, via the Stravinsky fountain and the sculptures of Niki de Saint Phalle, Feminists of Paris unveils the story of the influential and inspiring women of Paris, from yesterday to today. This path will allow you to (re)discover the monuments of Paris and its artistic wealth, through the prism of the feminist. Artistic discoveries and surprise meetings will be at the rendezvous!

Sex & Feminism: Feminists of Paris takes you on the historical traces of Montmartre and Pigalle to rediscover sexuality under the prism of feminism. You will address feminist topics deemed taboo, from prostitution, sex shops and pornography to sexual liberation. Immerse yourself in the world of historical women such as the “red virgin”, the virgin of Orleans and Dalida, in an uninhibited atmosphere of anecdotes and debates on the theme of sex and equality between men and women.


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