In case of delay

How to submit a compensation request in case of delay in arrival?

To submit your request of compensation in case of delay in arrival, please fill in our Contact form.

Your request shall be sent within 60 days of the travel date.
We will answer within 30 days  from the date of receipt of the request.

 To enable us to promptly process your request, please provide the following information:



You booked your ticket on
Please state the reason for your request and the booking number (PNR). The associated refund will be transferred to the credit card used for the original payment.




You have a Trenitalia ticket (except “all inclusive” packages) or booked at Thello Boutique
Please provide the reason for your request along with the copy of your ticket and the details of your bank account as follows:

  • for European countries: IBAN + SWIFT/BIC + name of the bank + account holder name and first name.
  • for other countries: ABA/routing code (USA) + SWIFT + account number + name of the bank + account holder name and first name.

If your case is not listed above or if you bought an “all inclusive” package, please follow the instructions of the company that issued the ticket.

If you cannot submit your request online, you can use a paper form that you can hand over to a Trenitalia ticket office or send by registered mail to the following address:

Thello – Service Clients, B.P.  N° 10308, 75563 PARIS CEDEX 12, France. 


In case of delay in arrival, Regulation (EC) n° 1371/2007 of 23 October 2007 applies.
You are entitled to compensation as follows:

  • If the train is 59 minutes late or less: no compensation.
  • If the train is between 60 and 119 minutes late25% of the amount paid for this train.
  • If the train is 120 minutes late or more50% of the amount paid for this train.

There will be no compensation if the passengers were informed about the delay before purchasing the ticket.

You are not satisfied with the answer you received.

Should you not be satisfied with the response you have received from our Customer Service Department within 60 days from the receipt of your request, you may refer the complaint to our Mediator, « La Médiation Tourisme et Voyage ». This external entity will review your file impartially and suggest a solution to the dispute. For more information or initiate proceedings, please consult

You consider that your entitlements have been breached.

You consider that your entitlements under the legislation on the rights of railway passengers have not  been respected and you wish to report a breach to the competent authorities, you can contact the French national enforcement agency:

Direction Générale de la Concurrence, de la Consommation et de la Répression des Fraudes
Bureau 6D – 59, boulevard Vincent Auriol – 75703 Paris Cedex 13