on Milan-Marseille trains

For the comfort of the other passengers, Thello appreciates you not to obstruct traffic in the corridors with too many or too bulky luggage.

Each item of luggage must have a visible label with the passenger’s name on it.

You can take

  • 2 standard size suitcases measuring less than 160 cm (height + length + width), including pouches,wheels and grisps and a handluggage;
  • Luggage you can carry alone.

Transportation of additional luggage is possible subject to available space on board in the limit of 2 extra pieces per passenger (of less than 160 cm each), and upon payment on board (by credit card or cash) of an extra luggage fee of 40€ per piece.

Place your luggage 

  • in the luggage rackets above the seats,
  • on the floor without obstructing the passenger or crew circulation on board.

All your luggage remain under your own responsability.


  • perishable products likely to deteriorate during the trip
  • goods with an unpleasant odour
  • dangerous goods (chemicals…) weapons, explosives or inflammable liquids
  • prohibited goods in accordance with prevailing legislation in the countries crossed during the journey (France – Italy)
  • surf-, snow- and windsurfboards, skis,
  • bicycles, except for bicycles dismounted and placed in transport cases of less than 80x110x40 cm. Each case is then considered as an item of luggage and forms part of the luggage allowances as mentioned above. Cases of dimensions greater than 80x110x40 cm are strictly forbidden on board.

Thello reserves the possibility of refusing to carry luggage and passengers that do not adhere to these rules, with no entitlement to a refund of the train ticket.

Thello reserves the possibility of inspecting the contents of bags, in the presence of the passenger that owns them, and may refuse to carry or continue to carry luggage containing forbidden items, with no entitlement to compensation for the passenger.

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