Travelling with pets
on Marseille-Milan trains

Your pet is allowed to travel on board of the Thello trains under certain conditions that may vary according to its weight.

Pets are traveling under the full responsibility of their masters, who ensure that they won’t bother the other passengers. The owners will also be required to compensate any damage caused by their animal.

The animal should never be left alone.

Your pet weighs less than 5 kg

Your dog weighs between 5 and 50 kg

According to the European regulations, your pet must:
  • be fitted with an electronic microchip or have a clearly readable tattoo for identification purposes,and, 
  • be vaccinated against rabies, and 
  • have a passport
For the comfort of the passengers, we cannot accept animals that do not meet these stardards with the exception of guide dogs who do not need to be muzzled and travel free of charge.

Your pet weighs less than 5 kg

Pets under 5 kg travel free of charge and without reservation in the limit of one animal per passenger.

However, they must travel in a bag, basket or cage of standard size. Considered as an item of luggage, the bag, basket or cage forms part of the authorized baggage allowance.

For everyone’s well being, please check with the other passengers that the presence of your pet does not bother them. Should a passenger refuse the presence of the pet, the crew manager will have to accomodate you in another place.

Your dog weighs between 5 and 50 kg

Large dogs (between 5 and 50 kg) are allowed to travel on board on the following conditions:

  • Maximum one dog per passenger.
  • An additionnal fee is to be paid to the crew, exclusively on board (by credit card or in cash). The fee is relative to the journey. To view the fee of a specific journey, click here.
  • The dog should always be leashed and muzzled.

Before traveling with a large dog, it is strongly recommended to inform Thello by means of our contact form.

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