Traffic information
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French Railways SNCF staff announced a two-day strike over 5 from the 3rd of April until the 28th of June.

A social movement of the SNCF Réseau staff, French rail infrastructure manager, could affect the movement of Thello trains. Real traffic conditions will be known 24 hours before departure.  

As a precaution, some trains will be temporarily closed for sale pending to confirmation of traffic forecasts.

The status of the affected trains will be confirmed 24 hours before their departure on this page.

We present to all the concerned passengers our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused by this strike over which Thello has no control.


To monitor the estimated time of arrival of Thello trains:

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To follow Thello trains in real-time, visit the web page “Traffic Information” of our partner Trenitalia.


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