Feminists of Paris

Alternative tours of Paris with Feminists of Paris!

Feminists of Paris allows you to rediscover Paris with a feminine point of view! Retrace Parisian history, culture and art and discuss feminism with expert guides.

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Discover the tours organized by Feminists of Paris

Street Art & Feminism 

Feminists of Paris will take you on a convivial journey through key aspects of feminism along the streets of the village-like neighbourhood of the Butte-aux-Cailles, home to a wide variety of feminist street art. Together, we will discover the history of the area, that of the movement for equality between genders, and that of female and feminist street artists in an convivial atmosphere of exchange and debates. Politically engaged street artists regularly come to our tours for a live performance.

Sundays 4:30 pm
14,50 € – 45,00 €


Louvre & Feminism

Feminists of Paris awaits you at the Louvre for a unique feminist visit!
We go through key art works, retracing the history of women and feminism across the centuries. From the Victory of Samothrace to Mary the Virgin of the Renaissance to Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, we will discuss the place of the “second sex” in the art world in a convivial atmosphere.

VIP visit, limited to 6 participants
29,00 €


Paris’ rebellious women : a feminist walk

Feminists of Paris will take you onto a convivial feminist walk around the trendy neighbourhood of Châtelet – the doorway to the Marais. There, modernity and herstory intertwine, just as the colourful pipes of the famous Centre Georges Pompidou, one of the highlights of this area. By joining this unique experience, you will get an insider’s outlook into the history of notorious french women, feminism, feminist street art works whilst hearing feminist anecdotes about this specific neighbourhood.

Saturdays at 4 :30 pm
14,50 € – 45,00 €


Visit Paris with hysterical feminists

Feminists of Paris will take you through the cultural wealth of Montmartre and Pigalle in a convivial atmosphere of exchanges and debates on the themes of sexuality and gender equality. We will go through key feminist subjects that are often taboo, from sex shops, to prostitution, pornography and sexual liberation. We will also delve into the history of key “virgin” characters that have marked French history such as Joan of Arc. Breathtaking views of Paris guaranteed!

14.50€ – 19.50€


Contemporary art & Feminism

Feminists of Paris invites you to Beaubourg for an unusual guided tour. We are rediscovering modern and feminist female artists from this cultural temple.
From Sonia Delaunay to Louise Bourgeois, including Niki de Saint-Phalle, we retrace the lives of emblematic women who have built art history, and we will discuss the place of the “second sex” in the universe of the Georges Pompidou Centre. The visit is open to all!

34€ /participant
Museum ticket not included
VIP visit, limited to 6 participants
Thursdays, every other week, at 7:30 pm


La mère Lachaise: the female fighters of Paris

As winter approaches, meet the famous women who rest in Père Lachaise cemetery and (re)discover this unique space in Paris.
This visit is a tribute to the women who have been forgotten, made invisible: politicians, painters, writers, activists, spies!

Thursdays, every other week, at 3 pm
Prix de lancement: 10€!


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