Napoleone Tour

Thello’s discount on Napoleone Tour guided tours

With family or friends, take the Thello night train to Paris and discover the City of Light with the guided tours of Napoleone Tour and see Paris in a way you never imagined before.

The Thello train tickets will grant you a 50 % discount from the 3rd person (museum entrance tickets are not included) on all the tours offered by Napoleone Tour.

For example: the “Street Art Tour” costs 35€ per person. A group of 4 people will only pay 105€ instead of 140€ thanks to the Thello discount. The first 2 people will pay the normal price and the 2 others will enjoy the 50% discount

With its own English private tours, Napoleone Tour gives you the opportunity to visit Paris with an English speaking guide who will take care of you with the enthusiasm that only a friend living in Paris could.

How to proceed?

Choose the tour you want to book on the Napoleone Tour website Once you chose your guided tour, send your booking request by e-mail to, specify that you are a Thello passenger and attach you booking confirmation or your Thello train ticket.


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