cheerful and
generous by nature

In the center of the lakes' region

Located between two of Italy’s most famous lakes, Lake Garda and Lake Iseo, Brescia is one of the most beautiful historical centre in the region.

Brescia and its magnifical surroundings are a continuous discovery which will make you want to come back again…

Welcome to Brescia

Early in the morning, you will arrive at the station in Brescia in the centrum of the city.

During your night in the cabin or couchette compartment, you crossed the Alps and the Po valley without the stress of crowded airports and roads.

Every night, Thello night train is traveling to Brescia from Paris (Gare de Lyon) or from Dijon, saving a night accomodation.

The Palace of the Loggia

The Palace of the Loggia is located in Piazza della Loggia in Brescia.
The construction began in 1492 but was interrupted in 1512 because the city was invaded by the French, then ended in 1574.
Since about 1500, the palace has been home to Caesar’s busts collection, including the artworks of Gasparo Cairano.

Your train journey
between France and Italy

Over 15 years
from 4 to 14 years
(needs seat)
For night trains only
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