Travel with children
on Paris-Venice trains

Travelling with kids

Aboard Thello trains, children under the age of 18 cannot travel if they are not accompanied on board by a responsible adult.


Children under 4 years old (up to the day before their fourth birthday) travel free of charge, and do not require a ticket provided they share the bed or the couchette of an adult accompanying them in the limit of one child under 4 years old per adult.

If you are travelling with more than one child under 4 years old per accompanying adult, you need to book a bed or a couchette for each of them.

Children from 4 to 14 years

Children between the ages of 4 (as of the date of their fourth birthday) and 14 (the day before their fifteenth birthday) must have their own couchette or bed. Therefore, you must book them a place on board the train as you will for an adult. Children with booked places share the same advantages as adults (luggage allowancecomfort,….).

Children from 4 to 14 years receive a 30% discount on the adult price at Smart and Flexi rates. Thus, the youngest can travel from Paris to Venice from 20,30 € in 6 couchette compartment.


Before leaving, check that you have the necessary travel documents for your child or the child you are traveling with.

Your train journey
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Over 15 years
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