the City of light

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The City of Love

Paris, the City of Light, the City of Love… Paris is the city to a timeless abundance of clichés

Always wanting to come back, to stroll along the Seine, to greet the Eiffel Tower, to visit the Louvre or just walking on the cobblestones of the Butte Montmartre and sit on the steps of the Sacré Coeur enjoying Paris at your feet.

Events in Paris
European heritage days
September 15 and 16 2018

Tonight in Italy, tomorrow in Paris with Thello

Early in the morning, you will arrive at the Gare de Lyon station in Paris, in the centrum of the city.

During your night in the cabin or couchette compartment, you crossed the Alps and the region of Burgundy without any stress due to crowded airports and roads.

Thello brings you to Paris from the main italian cities, every night saving a night accomodation.

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Guided vist of Paris

Guided tours in Paris with Napoleone Tour. Discount for Thello passengers.

Discover the many facets of Paris through a fascinating and unexpected tours.

This guided tour will allow you to view the best Parisian spots as well as the most famous museums and monuments and discover the City of Light outside the box.

Napoleone Tour will make you visit Paris with a young and friendly English speaking guide who will take care of you with attention and enthusiasm which only a friend living in Paris could do.

Napoleone Tour grants you a special 50% discount for the third person and gives you the chance to discover Paris in a way you never imagined before

Special offert per Thello passengers

Alternative tours of Paris with Feminists of Paris!

Feminists of Paris allows you to rediscover Paris with a feminine point of view! Retrace Parisian history, culture and art and discuss feminism with expert guides.

Feminists of Paris and Thello make you enjoy 10% discount on outdoor tours!

To discover the tours organized by Feminists of Paris

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