of Paris-Venice night trains

Timetable information about the night train Paris<>Venise on November 24th

The train 221 Paris Venice on November 24th, 2018 will leave on time from Paris Gare de Lyon and Dijon. It will arrive in Italy on the following schedule:

MILANO LAMBRATE (8.17 instead of 6.00)

BRESCIA (9.44 instead of 7.05)

VERONA P.NUOVA (10.44 instead of 7.54)

VICENCE (11.45 instead of 8.43)

PADOUE (12.17 instead of 9.06)

VENICE MESTRE (12.33 instead of 9.23)

VENICE S.LUCIA (12.45 instead of 9.35)

The train 220 Venice Paris on November 24th, 2018 will leave on time from Venise Santa Lucia, Venise Mestre, Padoue, Vicence, Verona, Brescia et Milan. It will arrive in France on the following schedule:

DIJON (8.30 instead of 6.43 )

PARIS (11.50 instead of 9.55)

 Timetable valid until December 8th, 2018

  Timetable valid as from December 9th, 2018

Days and times of operation are provided for information only and are subject to modification. The definitive information on any specific trip is printed on the ticket. For further details, and to check times prior to departure, you can also check the booking engine available on this website.

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