an architectural gemstone

World Heritage of the UNESCO

Vicenza is the architectural masterpiece of Andrea Palladio.

It is also a dynamic economic center especially in the field of textiles and jewelery.

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Welcome to Vicenza

Early in the morning, you will arrive in Vicenza, in the centrum of the city.

During your night in the cabin or couchette compartment, you crossed the Alps and the Po valley without the stress of crowded airports and roads.

Thello night trains bring you to Vicenza from Paris (Gare de Lyon) or from Dijon saving a night accomodation.

The Palladian Basilica

The Basilica of Vicenza stands majestically on the Piazza dei Signori. It was the architect Andrea Palladio who decided to redesign the Palazzo della Ragione from the Gothic period, adding the white marble loggias, called “serliane”.

Formerly the seat of public magistrates in Vicenza, today the basilica hosts exhibitions of architecture and art in three exhibition areas.

Since 1994, the building has been part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Your train journey
between France and Italy

Over 15 years
from 4 to 14 years
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For night trains only
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