Rendez-Vous at the Monaco Grand Prix with Thello

From 23 to 26 May 2019, the Monaco Grand Prix will welcome about 65,000 spectators.
Follow our advice to enjoy the Grand Prix despite the crowd.


You are planning to go to Monaco by train with Thello during the Grand Prix, follow our useful tips to facilitate your trip and enjoy your stay in Monaco.


Thello travel tips during the Monaco Grand Prix:


1 / Book your Thello train tickets in advance. If you plan to stay in Monaco for the day, book directly a return ticket. You will save time and you can enjoy the Grand Prix until the last moment.


2 / In the station, plan to arrive no later than 30 minutes before the departure of the train.


3 / We strongly suggest you to go to the “Sainte Dévote Gallery” or to « Monte-Carlo » to have direct access to our trains.


To prepare your visit, find the Monaco Grand Prix program here.


Did you know:


The Monaco Grand Prix is ​​one of the oldest and most prestigious car rallies in the world. This year the Monaco Grand Prix is ​​celebrating its 90th anniversary.

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