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When can I buy a ticket ?

Thello tickets are available for booking six months minus one day* before the departure date.

The calculation is very simple.

If you want to travel on August 15th, first of all, go back on the calendar for 6 months until February 15th. Now move to the next day and hop you are on February 16th.

So, if you want to travel on August 15th, you can reserve as from February 16th.

And now a few examples for practice!

For a journey on July 14th, I go back 6 months, which gives me January 14th, then I move forward to the next day that is January 15th. To travel on July 14th, I can book as from January 15th.

For a journey on May 31st: May 31st – 6 months = November 30th + 1 day makes December 1st. To travel on May 31st, I can book from as from December 1st.

* except for exceptional events or events outside Thello

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