The magic of the Venice Carnival

The origins of the Venice Carnival

Since the Middle Age, the Venetians go out in the streets of Venice for the Carnival. In the past, aristocrats and commons people mixed up and, anonymous under their masks, they forgot about their social differences.

Fearing that revolutionaries will hide behind the masks, Napoleon interrupted this tradition in 1797.

In the 1970s students began to renew with the beautiful traditions and started again this festivity. The Carnival of Venice will be reintroduced officially in 1980.

Live at the pace of the Venice Carnival
Create your own mask
from January 27 to February 13, 2018
Rent Carnival Venetian ball costumes
from January 27 to February 13, 2018
Theatrical Carnival Walking Tour
from January 27 to February 13, 2018

The traditions not to be missed

  • Festa delle Marie: Historically, religious dignitaries chose the 12 most beautiful girls of humble conditions in the city. They offered them sumptuous jewels, make-up and dresses before marrying them. Today, a parade is organized in honour of the victory against the thieves who, in the past, stole the jewellery and the wives. The Carnival ends with the election of the Marie of the year.
  • The flight of the Angel: A Turkish tightrope walker initiated the tradition of crossing the Saint Mark’s Square from the San Marco bell tower to the centre of the square. After an accident, the tightrope walker was replaced with a wooden dove. Since 2001, the “Marie of the Year”, dressed in a beautiful costume parade, rises from the San Marco bell tower for a magical flight to the centre of the square.
  • Costumed balls: during the Carnival, costume balls are organized in different places of the city. In the past, rich people dressed in poor people and vice versa. Today, the costumes are inspired by the Commedia dell’Arte.

Glass Slippers Masquerade Ball

On February 9th, 2018, indulge yourself with a wonderful experience during the Carnival of Venice. Come to one of the most original evenings of the Carnival in a place full of history, the old Santa Chiara church on Murano island, which is now a glasswork. Banquet, buffet or after party. Wear your finest costume and try to win a pair of bespoke-made glass slippers.

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